From Coast to Coast to Ghost

With the Back to School season in full force, the slower pace of summer days is already a distant memory.  However, earlier this summer I was fortunate to spend some time at the Jersey Shore and was relieved to notice that despite the devastation that Sandy wreaked, it was business as usual in most beach communities….at least in spirit.

Yes, the people of Jersey seem to be “Stronger Than the Storm,” but it was heartbreaking to see the destruction and erosion in towns such as Mantoloking where stately oceanfront homes that once stood on the edge of the sea were battered, beaten and swept away.  And although these communities are rebuilding at an impressive pace and incorporating preventative measures, the damage that was done will be felt for a long time.


Similarly, over the last few decades, coastal tiny towns such as Malibu and Nantucket have been experiencing such significant beach erosion that homeowners have been spending tens of millions of dollars on new sand, retaining walls and other measures to protect their waterfront properties.


Such rebuilding and protection efforts tend to put homeowners, local politicians and environmentalists at odds, while at the same time, creating jobs and attempting to ensure property values.  Regardless of what side you are on, the disappearance of any land mass is a sad reality for generations to come.


For homeowners, or potential homeowners, precautions such as insurance, land surveys and comprehensive appraisals should be conducted when considering purchasing or relocating a waterfront home. For more information, please contact Felix Nihamin & Associates, P.C. at 212-502-4868 ext. 302.

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